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Loubna Cherradi-Belpassi

Star Consultant


My Story

I am a Spanish Scentsy Consultant currently living in Luxembourg.
I joined Scentsy in 2020 and loved it immediately. I had stopped working for a company a couple of months prior and the lockdown was becoming quite difficult to bear.
Scentsy gave me a purpose and a reason to stay busy and focus on positive things only. I could work from home and I could bring scented joy to my friends & family :D
I have accomplished so much with Scentsy and I continue to do so. We have products for every need, taste and all ages. For men, women and children.
If you'd like more information on our products or on how to join the team, you can email me at
Make sure to follow my Instagram and Facebook pages to stay updated!: @loubnaccscentsy
Love you all!

My Favourite Scents